Express yourself!

What do you think about dating apps? And how can we improve our connection between each other?
Watch the video & Comment below!


3 thoughts on “Express yourself!

  1. Hi,

    You bring up many good points around dating, commitment, and communication. I have not been in a relationship for years. I’ve been very close but communicative issues always seem to arise. From a high-level, I have been able to observe all of my friends relationships and break ups and gathered all of the positives and negatives to get a good idea of an ideal relationship. However, ideally, I am more attracted to men who are enlightened, positive, and more tied to spirituality… I’ve only met one. I decided a long time ago that I was never going to “look” for a man but instead allow the universe to guide me to him. Anyways, dating apps are 50/50. You have things like Tinder that is strictly for people who want to hook up and this makes it way too easy for anyone to cheat. Even all social media platforms are heavily utilized for people to cheat. There is no way to really get rid of social media.

    Side note: I’m not in a relationship because I haven’t felt I could communicate successfully with men.

    Most people listen to reply; not to understand –

    My thought: People have to be stronger. People have to embrace and accept social media but also understand that they can’t allow social media to consume them. You can only control what can be controlled. The person you envision as a girlfriend/boyfriend also needs to be strong, confident, and trusting. Communication is the most important piece to all of this. Couples should talk about social media and their insecurities. Together, they should also work on strength, confidence, and trust. Doing that together is probably the hardest thing to do but it all begins with your mindset.


  2. Whether I’m running from the question you want to be asked. I wonder when you show interested in a woman and she does not care for you. Or is unsafe you insist or misses?


  3. Because when you try to interact or to talk about a different subject. she does not care about what you say? my question is. when you want to communicate with someone and that person is not there you demonstrate unselfish immediately?


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